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FIETE – clever lightweight cabin for tough 4x4s

The extremely compact, ultra-light carbon-fiber cabin is designed for the new generation of all-terrain SUVs such as the Mercedes-G, the Wrangler, Bronco or the new Defender. With the very short floor length, the body fits in harmoniously with the driver's cab, which is opened behind the C-pillar.

With a width of 1.80 m (71 in) and length of 3.95 m (156 in), it weighs only 460 kg (1012 lbs). The weight can be reduced even further by utilizing carbon fibre technology for interior cabinetry. This cabin offers full living comfort for two people with toilet, shower and lengthwise beds in the alcove, as well as a complete kitchen in the rear.

The ground length is only 1.25 m (49 in). The comfortable bed in the alcove is 2.00 x 1.40 m (similar queensize)
The optional SLIDE-IN bank moves over the folded over rear seats of the driver cabin and thus creates noticeably more living space

The interior height is 1.95 m (77 in). However, a lower roof line can be offered, which reduces the total height of the vehicle to less than 2.75m (108.5 in). This way, container loading will be possible with special wheels.

The kitchen is located above the slented rear and is 45 cm (18 in) deep. Optionally, the bathroom can be extended by the SLID-CROSS wall

FIETE – the compact offroad camper

  • Total dry weight 460 kg (1012 lbs)

  • Body made of aerospace carbon fiber structure (110 kg/ 242 lbs)
  • Wide storage compartment flap over the entire rear
  • 4-season isulation, including frostproof inner tanks, 90 liters (24gal) of fresh water
  • 100 Ah LiFePO4 battery and 100 Wp solar
  • 29 liter (7.7 gal) compressor cooler, gas cooker
  • 124 cm (49 in) wide kitchen unit with two drawers
  • Cassette toilet
  • Expandable shower
  • 2 person camper with lengthwise queen size bed on 12cm (5in) comfort mattress
Fiete prices

We would be happy to provide you with an individual, budgetary quote within a week.

Optional features

  • Composting toilet

  • Electric induction cook top, 220 volts (110V)
  • Increased solar system and batteries capacity
  • 3rd sleeping place on dinette
  • SLIDE-IN double bench
  • SLIDE-CROSS bathroom

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