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The KORA – a comfortable camper cabin in lightweight construction


The KORA was specially designed for double-cab pickups. It is based on the design language of European premium pickups and completes the appearance with a modern elegance that appears agile and sporty.


When designing the interior, the goal is to create a fully-fledged living space that does not lack the comfort you are used to from your own four walls. In order to achieve the greatest spatial effect, only bright, light-looking materials are used, which complement each other perfectly with the generous lighting.
The use of space is optimized with many small, intelligent solutions. With clever ideas, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living areas grow into full-fledged areas of life that turn your life into an experience while traveling.
  • Livingroom
    With its many windows, the seating area in the rear almost gives you the feeling of a winter garden. The double bench with a comfortable 135 cm width and 75 cm depth and ergonomic back cushion is also a comfortable place to relax for two people.
  • Sleeping
    In the alcove you can sleep lengthways on an area (length x width) of 195 cm x (200-140) cm. A large skylight gives a view of the night sky. Two opposite windows ensure good ventilation. The seating area in the living room can also be converted into a 200 x (135–85) wide bed.
  • Kitchen
    The cooking area also uses the area on the alcove step. This creates a corner kitchen of 145 x 80 cm with sufficient storage space and shelves.
  • Bathroom
    Foldable shower walls extend the sanitary room to 90 x 110 cm. 90 x 70 cm freedom of movement is available for showering. The wash basin above the chemical-free toilet can be folded up.

Bathromm closed

When closed, the two outer doors overlap. When opening, the doors are fixed in place, resulting in a bathroom area of 90 x 110 cm

Shower opened

For showering, the base plate is removed and you stand in the easy-care shower tray with an elegant drainage channel. The three-part shower door creates privacy.

Complete equipment

KORA offers you exceptional comfort and plenty of room to move, storage options and storage space. All furniture is made of high-quality FRP and glued to the outer skin in a slope-proof manner. Only components that have proven themselves in expedition vehicles or ocean-going yachts are used for technical equipment.
The cabin can be ordered with an individual paint finish and forms an active driving unit with the pick-up.
KORA currently not able to order!

Complete equipment ready for travel

  • Ultralight carbon-fiber body
  • Vibration-damped cabin mounting
  • 13 flush integrated windows
  • 2 large skylights
  • 22 cm deep double floor
  • 1.15 m wide storage space accessible from the outside
  • 160 Ah LiFePO4 batteries, 200 Wp solar panels
  • CERAN induction hob, compressor refrigerator
  • 145 cm wide kitchen unit with three drawers
  • 200 liter kitchen cupboard on alcove level
  • Chemical-free ship toilet with 100 liters of black water
  • Spacious wet room
  • Frost-proof inner tanks, 130 liters of fresh water
  • Sleeper lengthways on a 10 cm comfort mattress

Complete Pricelist

KORA Camper is only available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Benelux and Denmark

The price list contains a detailed description of the basic equipment as well as a list of the essential optional extras. We would be happy to clarify further equipment options in an individual consultation.

Optional additional equipment

  • Burgler protection 2+1 glass windows from Hünerkopf
  • Integrated 3,25 m awing
  • Longer trailer hitch up to 2.7 tons
  • Acess passage to driver cabin
  • Two sleeping places on converted seating group
  • Additional wall cabinets and ambient light
  • Compost toilette
  • Up to 925 Wp solar, 500 Ah batteries and 3.5 kW 220/110 volts
  • Winter package with heated tanks

Technical Data

A fully equipped KORA weighs ready to travel and fully refueled usually under 3 tons (6.600 lbs). With a length of just under 6 metres and a turning circle of less than 13 metres, it remains very manoeuvrable.
And through a clever room concept that takes advantage of every inch, KORA presents itself inside a true space wonder. Plenty of storage space, plenty of water and an absolutely autonomous power supply also allow for relaxed long-term trips.
External Dimension
Length on Amarok
597 cm
Hight on Amarok
289 cm
Wide at wheel arch
214 cm
Embankment angle
23 Degree
Inside length
480 cm
Inside wide
200 cm
196 cm
Seat hight in alcove
79 cm
Door wide
67 cm
Luggage flap wide
115 cm
Carbon empty cabin incl. door, 13 windowss and 2 roof hatches
210 kg
Living Areas (cm x cm)
Double bench
135 x 70
Single seat
85 x 55
Schlafmöglichkeit Sitzgruppe, max.

200 x (135–110)

Along bed in alcove

196 x (200–140)

90 x 110
90 x 70
50 x 55 x 90
Cupboard on alkoven stage
55 x 42 x 90
Kitchen drawer

50 x 35 x 9
50 x 35 x 17
50 x 35 x 24

Wall units

135 x 40 x 35
260 x 25 x 35

furniture internals and technology
410 kg
Amounts & Storage
Fresh water

130 Litre

Grey water

45 Litre

Black water

100 Litre

Solar std.

200 Wp

Solar max.

780 Wp

LifePO4 Akku std.

160 ah

LifePO4 Akku max.

480 ah


85 Litre

Outside storage compartment

515 Litre

Duch loading possibility under podium

200 x 40 x 25

Storage under single seat

290 Litre

Two hatches fn the raised floor

155 Litre

More weight mounted cabin and full tank
585 kg*

*Cargobox und AHK entfallen, zzgl. Hilfsrahmen

Ausstattungsvariante OCEAN

Complete Pricelist

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